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Sunday, April 27, 2008

State Quarters – The Easiest Way To Start A Coin Collection (numismatic rare coins)

numismatic rare coins:Each of the state quarters is minted with the image of George Washington on the front, or obverse, side of the coin but on the back, or reverse, side is a design based on something noteworthy about that particular state. Once the program is over in 2008 the normal eagle design will once again be on the reverse side of the quarter.

What makes this coin series different from all others in the past is that each state gets to select the design for their own state’s quarter with the Governor of each state determining the selection process. While some states appoint design committees other states like Michigan and Vermont have contests that any resident can enter.

In Missouri people voted via the Internet for their favorite design with almost 180,000 people voting while other states had the Governor making the final choice based on several designs.

by: Mike Taylor

numismatic rare coins

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