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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rare Coins (numismatic rare coins)

(numismatic rare coins): One good form of investment is to buy rare coins (numismatic rare coins) that over the years have grown in value. This type of coin, particularly in the United States, boasts extraordinary value presenting a wonderful opportunity for rare gold collectors (numismatic rare coins). With prices at nearly five year lows, coupled with the availability of the choicest coins in the market, this it is the best time to collect rare coins (numismatic rare coins) . Rare gold and silver coins (numismatic rare coins) are in demand especially among investors, since they provide the needed balance to stock portfolios thereby reducing over all risks and generating a large amount of profit. Financial analysts recommend placing a 10-20% of discretionary funds in precious metals like rare coins (numismatic rare coins) even for those who own gold mining stocks.

Rare coins (numismatic rare coins) are very good performing financial assets in their own right. A recent market analysis of rare gold and silver coins conducted by Coin Universe shows that $1,000 invested in U.S. rare coins (numismatic rare coins) during the 70’s would now be worth on the average nearly $58,000. If we review history, paper assets like bonds, stocks and treasury bills lose value while gold, platinum and silver rare coins (numismatic rare coins) appreciate in value. Having rare coins (numismatic rare coins) in your portfolio will dramatically reduce its volatility and protect your investment from economic uncertainties such as inflation.

Rare coins (numismatic rare coins) that can only be traded should be certified and graded by the Professional Coin Grading Service and the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, two leading independent grading firms. They should come with a complete money-back guarantee. Some firms specialize in finding the right rare coin (numismatic rare coins) to suit the buyers’ needs and budget. Others carry rare coins (numismatic rare coins) at an affordable price.

By Kent Pinkerton
(numismatic rare coins)

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