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Thursday, April 30, 2009

CoinLink | numismatic rare coins

| numismatic rare coins

CoinLink ® was started in 1995 and our offices are located in Longwood, Florida ( just northeast of Orlando).

For over 13 years CoinLink has been a premium numismatic destination site for coin collectors, investors and dealers to obtain unbiased access to rare coin news, articles and resources that are both informative and relevant to the numismatic community.

One reason for our success has been a willingness to listen to our users and sponsors suggestions and provide innovative solutions in managing the diverse and ever changing sources of numismatic information available.

CoinLink does not buy or sell coins, banknotes, coin supplies or books., and we have NO commercial or financial interest in any company that does. Rather, our goal is to provide a informational platform from which dealers and collectors can stay informed about what is happening within the numismatic marketplace and within the hobby in general.

Although CoinLink produces an large amount of original content through our staff, we are very proud to have developed Content Partnerships with some of the finest Numismatic Authors, Writers, Dealers and Industry Experts who contribute and/or make content available to CoinLink on a regular basis.

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| numismatic rare coins

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